Ministry of Narcotics Control comprises the following three wings:

  • I. Administration Wing

The administration wing of NCD is assigned responsibilities i.e. Personnel administration / human resource management of officers/official of the NCD, procurement, repair and maintenance of vehicles, machinery & equipment, furniture and fixture, stationery etc and preparation of budget/re-appropriation and all financial matters of officers and staff of NCD and matters relating to the Anti Narcotics Force.

Employees Strength
Officers 20
Staff 99
Total 119

            Budgetary Allocation

Budget Year Non Dev. Allocation Dev Allocation
2018-19 166,969,000  147.039
2017-18 136,891,000 237.572
2016-17 129,134,000 375.093
  • II. Policy Wing

              Policy Wing is responsible for:

i)     Issuance of licenses and fixation of quota for Medicinal Opium Powder (MOP) to Unani Ayurvedic / Homeo firms/ Dawakhanas for use in Unani / Herbal medicines including fixation and issuance of quotas of MOP as well as issuance of NOCs to hospitals for procurement of Pathedine / Morphine and Fentanyl Injections / Tablets / Capsules etc. and registration of firms dealing with narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance.

ii)    All matters related to precursor chemicals listed in Table-I and II of UN Convention 1988 including providing information regarding import/export and its seizure to INCB.

iii)   Processing of amendments in the CNS Act, ANF Act and Rules made thereunder.

iv)   Processing and monitoring of the implementation of bilateral and multilateral International and Regional MOUs/Agreements on narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substances and related matters and dealing with the matters relating to Inter-Government and international forums including ECO, SAARC, ASEAN and other Regional Forums.

v)   Visit abroad of the Minister/Minister of State/Parliamentary Secretary/ Officers/Officials of NCD/ANF/Representative of NGOs for participation   in   International/  Regional/  Bilateral   Meetings/   Seminars/Conferences/ Symposia/ Workshops and Making arrangements for all capacity building programmes / trainings to be offered by the Foreign Govt./Organization for the officials/officers of NCD and ANF. Likewise, UNODC activity involved to provide a cost effective platform for training larger number of law enforcement personnel under flexible schedule. 

  • III. Coordination Wing

The Coordination Wing is responsible:

i) To coordinate implementation of National Anti Narcotics Policy-2010 and Drug Control Master Plan 2010-14, and related matters with federal Ministries, ANF and provincial governments etc.

ii) To liaise with federal Ministries, ANF, national organizations and media in creating and enhancing mass awareness against drug abuse.

iii) To coordinate with credible NGOs to facilitate community participation across the target priority areas for eradication of drug abuse.

iv) To coordinate and facilitate preparation of the Year Book of the Division.

v) Meeting of National Assembly/Senate Standing Committees concerning NCD. In addition, to receive and monitor action on parliament business i.e. Senate and National Assembly questions, adjournment motions etc. and all matters ancillary thereto.

vi) To implement and coordinate the directives of the President and the Prime Minister and also maintain, coordinate various policy instructions and directives etc as received from the federal government.

vii) Compilation and issuance of newsletters and bulletins etc.

viii) To maintain and update the record of upcoming events, workshops, symposia, conferences etc. in the area of narcotics control in close coordination with federal ministries, ANF, and UNODC.

xi) To coordinate with all the stakeholders in preparation, printing and dissemination of awareness raising materials such as periodic newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets and handouts etc, and keep record of  periodic reports issued by national, regional and international organizations.