• Ministry of Narcotics Control envisions a society which is free from the menace of drugs and thus safe for the younger generation of today and for those to follow. Our vision is to consider drugs addicts a victims and patients rather than being criminals. It is obligation of the State to assist these victims in their struggle for decreasing drug dependence by providing them therapy and treatment which is at par with the international standards. As the same time, however, perpetrators of this heinous crimes of drugs manufacturing and trafficking are being dealt with under strict legal regime by the Ministry and its supporting arm; the Anti Narcotics Force. Moreover, Pakistan is also a party of various bilateral and multi-lateral treatise to curb the crime of drug trafficking. Ministry of Narcotics Control is spear-heading these efforts and is proud of the positive role which it has played so far to address this issue uninterrupted under the various regimes.


  • Our mission is to fulfill constitutional oblication of prevention of society from consuming injurious drugs as enshrined under article 37(g) of the constitution of Pakistan 1973. With this Mission, this office was initially established as a Division and in the recent past it became a Ministry mandated to take all necessary steps to cleanse the society from the menace of drugs. MNC is a well organized structure principally divided into three main parts; namely Policy, Coordination, and Administration. Policy side is the backbone of the Ministry having been assigned the all important tasks of regulating flow of precursors and all such substances which are placed in the schedule under guidance of International Instruments such as Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and subsequent Conventions of 1971 and 1988, as amended from time to time. Thus, the Policy side of the Ministry is responsible for issuance of need-based quota of controlled substances for industrial and commercial use. Coordination side of MNC is primarily responsible for measures which would ensure drug demand reduction in the society. Lastly, the Administration side is mandated with provision of support to the entire structure of the Ministry in addition to maintaining liaison with the Anti Narcotics Force which is an attached department of the Ministry. With this elaborate structure in place, MNC is adamantly working towards achieving the aim of the making Pakistan a drug-free country.