Narcotics have been a major global concern for more over than half a century the influences of these illegal substances have affected our country vastly. Abusing illegal substances is not only detrimental to the health of the individual using these substances but to the community as a whole. PNB focuses to help the abusers fight against such substances by providing rehabilitation, guidance and education to the public of the significant harms caused by something so minute.
We establish, implement and monitor policies against all aspects of narcotics and dangerous drugs, such as production, processing, marketing, import, export, transhipment and trafficking etc. I take it as a prodigious responsibility on my shoulders to ensure the protection of the country and its society against the growing global narcotics use by not only extirpating the use of narcotics but also to educate the future generations to garner strong societal support and encourage a positive and responsible society to pave way for a safer community.